Monday Musings

I’ve been away for a really long time. Working on a massively huge project. I thought I would be able to blog about it.  But there really is no time to do that.  It’s kind of insane.

Today I am Monday Musing about my friend Stacey Raymond.

I asked Stacey Raymond a few questions, here are her answers.  You can learn all about Stacey at and you should. She’s amazing.

I met Stacy a few years ago when she appeared in my play, Fag Hag at Manhattan Theatre Source.  She is so amazing, so funny and so quick-witted and she likes to pretend she’s psychic.

Who are you?

We are defined by what others say we are, then I’m an “edgy”, “quirky”, “tough yet vulnerable” actor of stage and screen who’s “like the next Tilda Swinton only younger, warmer and funnier.” I don’t look anything like Tilda Swinton, so I guess it’s just the whole androgynous quality. My twitter bio describes me as, “Actor, vegan, and co-creator of the childhood pastime Barbie Funeral.” That works.

Have you worked with a member of AMZ Creative and what have you created?

I met Mozz a few years ago when I was cast in a very funny play he wrote titled Fag Hag which Lanie produced. My character was a barista named Meg who was obsessed with coffee and danced the Irish jig.  It was a lot of fun.

What is your ultimate creative dream?

When I was a kid, I set the goal that I’d be one of the few actors (I think there’s only been about twelve) to win an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy Award. I don’t have any of those yet, but I still have a lot more ahead of me!  It’s not at all about winning the actual awards, it’s about the caliber of work and the range of people I’d reach through my art, which those awards can represent.  I’m not talking about blockbuster, blow-things-up types of movies or Spiderman-musical types of productions (although those projects do have their places in the world…well…usually…heh).  This is about quality, eye-opening work that transforms audiences or allows them to escape their day-to-day by stepping into another reality.

The mission for AMZ Creative is to “enhance the human experience.” How do you enhance the human experience?

I think being an actor is all about enhancing the human experience.  Through the characters we portray and the situations these characters find themselves in, we present choices to our audiences, as well as the aftermath of those choices whether positive or negative. Observing the choices a character makes can open a person’s eyes to themselves and their own choices in life.  By investing in a character’s story, an audience member is simultaneously relating what they’re experiencing to themselves and those around them, which in turn expands their awareness outside the confines of their own personal experiences, thoughts, etc.  This is probably why acting is one of the world’s oldest art forms. There was an instinctive knowing in humans to create theater. Powerful stuff!

If you were promised success right now, what would you be doing?

Taking a nap.  🙂

What has been your major insight, discovery or learning experience in your creative life?

I knew I wanted to be an actor at a very young age, and worried that I wouldn’t have the expected looks to “make it.” Now at this point in my life, I realize how much audiences want to see themselves on stage and screen.  Of course there will always be those picture-perfect celebrities, but I find the actors an audience truly relates to are most often ones that don’t fit into that “elite” criteria.  I’m often cast as characters who are misfits in one way or another.  I see this as a gift in that my characters can not only bring a new perspective or way of life to someone who may never have thought or felt similarly, but they can also give voice to and even create a platform for those who can relate.  This new level of awareness can hopefully lead to a broader range of acceptance.  Audiences don’t only go to the theater or movies to be entertained but also to learn, to experience, to feel “seen” themselves.  And these are some of the many beautiful truths which make being an actor incredibly rewarding!

For more about Stacey Visit:





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