The Future

On Monday night, I joined hundreds of people, including lots of screaming teenagers, at the Skirball Center in downtown Manhattan for one of the most raucous nights of theater I’ve experienced in a long time. Fidelity FutureStage, a program that supports the arts, particularly playwriting, in New York City schools as well as other cities across the nation, hosted a performance of six plays created by high school and middle school students.  The six plays ranged from dramas about peer pressure and death to a comedy about the love of money.  They were selected from more than 480 plays written during the 2010-2011 school year through the program.

It was inspiring to see these young, promising voices have their work produced on stage and to hear from the students about the impact the Fidelity FutureStage program has had on their lives.  And, also thrilling to hear the students’ friends, parents and schoolmates cheer wildly whenever they entered the stage.  Tony-nominated actor Judith Light hosted the festivities and made for a very memorable evening.

A big thank you to Fidelity for creating and supporting this program.


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