A New Story Begins

Every writer has a writing process. A way in which they create.  And a way in which they like to tell a story.

I’m in the process of writing a script I’m very excited about.  And I am digging in to tell my story.  I’ve already written a couple of scenes.

I’m a little method when it comes to my writing.  I like to lock in on the world I’m writing about, and surround myself with it.  So I tend to drop out of society for long stretches periods of time.

Writing is interesting because every writer is different.

For me, my mind is constantly working out a puzzle of how things are going to go, how a scene is going to look.   I like to think about it from all angles.  The greater story, the metaphor, each character’s motivation.

It’s like putting together a puzzle.  And  the more you do it the faster the brain does it.

But those initial  days.   Those are the hardest, cause it’s just you and an empty page, and the choices you make at the beginning.  They affect the way the rest of the story is told.

I’m excited. I’m excited to tell this story. I’m excited to spend time getting to know these characters.

I won’t be writing about the process.  Due to the specifics of the project this is going to be a confidential ordeal for me.

But I look forward to talking about what I do learn along the way.

Here it goes.



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