Thank you

On Monday, May 23rd, AMZ Creative, LLC teamed with Theaterlab to present Northpoint: Voices from a Kentucky Prison, a benefit reading of plays created by prisoner-playwrights at Northpoint, a medium security prison in Burgin, Kentucky.  The event was held at Baruch Performing Arts Center.  What a fabulous night to celebrate the program, created by Robby Henson and Curt L. Tofteland, and to seed this year’s two-week playwright residency.  In late July, Brooklyn-based Mac Rogers will travel to Kentucky to work with the prisoner-playwrights.  He will lead workshops and talk to them about his process.

Monday night’s reading was a huge success, and we have many people to thank for the night.  Lieb Family Cellars and John Morales were our wine angels.  Lush donated lovely smelling items to our gift bags for the actors and directors.  Our fabulous directors — Carlo Altomare, Jeremy Dobrish, Erma Duricko, Padraic Lillis, Synge Maher and Melanie Sutherland — and our talented actors —  Ashlie Atkinson, Kwaku Driskell, Peter Jay Fernandez, Kyle Knauf, Michael Markham, Eric T. Miller, David Sedgwick, and Rick Zahn — were absolutely lovely to work with and brought the material to life so beautifully. Our volunteers — Mary Bailey, Alexandra Cremer, Stacey Raymond, Evan Scott Schweitzer and Aimee Todoroff — were awesome.  They made the night run so smoothly.  Our production team — Synge Maher, Montserrat Mendez, Destiny Lilly (casting director), Orietta Crispino and Chris Kateff (graphic design) — brought everything together.  So a big thank you to everyone involved.  And, John Malatesta and the crew at Baruch Performing Arts Center were a dream to work with.


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