Monday Muse-ings: History

“Imagination plays too important a role in the writing of history, and what is imagination but the projection of the author’s personality.”
Pieter Geyl

I could have written about another friend, or therefore many other friends or inspirations for today’s entry.  But how could I not stop and write about the greatest inspiration to any artist.  History.

Last night the regularity of my life was broken by a text from a friend.  He asked me if I was watching the news.  Indeed I was not.  I was in the middle of another phone call. That phone call was also interrupted by something that more often than not captivates the entire world… HISTORY.

Over the last few months we have seen major moments history happen repeatedly.  We saw the effects that social media had on  a revolution in Egypt.  We saw the terrible events to hit Japan.  We saw the spectacle of a royal wedding.  and we saw the end of an Era that begin on that fateful September 11th. 2001.

To any artist, these are reasons to be inspired.  History after all is not only to be witnessed but something to participate in.  And let’s face it, and be honest, all of us writers, actors, directors have a part of us, no matter how small it is, that hopes that we do something for which we will be remembered.   Even if we manage to leave a very small foot note on the pages of history, I think we will be happy.

So I give it to history today, for being a willing partner in my creativity and my inspiration. For giving me moments of joy, heartbreak and most importantly moments of AWE.

Oh! To be human!  What a glorious gift.

Get out there friends of mine.  Get out there and be part of history in any way you can.  (But can you not comment about it on Facebook.  Really.  History as  Life, is not a spectator sport!)


2 Responses to “Monday Muse-ings: History”

  1. History IS a spectator sport! We should know all of it, that has happened, is happening, and will happen! Things like Twitter, Facebook, and the internet itself help us to experience history as it is happening. Were it not for Stacey Raymond’s status update last night, I might not have known what happened. She is why I turned on the news. : )

  2. Megan,

    I agree. I whole heartedly agree. And wile you are experiencing history as it is happening. Which is amazing. I think as an artist and a person in this human experience. Everyone should do their best to contribute to it. Positively contribute to it!

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