Fairy Tale Fridays no more and Are you like Babe Ruth?

There will be no more Bitter Woods, as part of Fairy Tale Fridays. As a matter of fact, Fairy Tale Fridays is over.

There is a good reason. I call it living like Babe Ruth.

Babe Ruth once said, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  As a matter of fact you should be failing and striking out as much as possible.”  Everyday should be full of failures. If you’re not failing, you’re not living.  If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.

This week was one in which the amount of work I put out, brought back some spectacular failures.  I mean, SPECTACULAR!!!

and at the same time, I hit several home runs.

The Failures:

1.  Growing up in the projects of Newark, I always wanted to be that kid that suddenly got accepted into one of the institutions of higher learning that you know, you see all those kids in the movies attend.  Yes, I always wanted to go to Juilliard!  I applied to their Playwrighting program – STRIKE ONE.

2. I also applied to the New York Theatre Workshop Minority Fellowship – STRIKE TWO.

3.  and lo and behold – I applied to the Fringe, with a new play, Marq as Unread, perhaps my roughest draft, but also my darkest play.  The workshop was spectacular, and I was assured by friends that I would get in.  “Oh, Mozzie, you’ll get in, you won an Excellence in playwrighting award in 08.”  “are you kidding, it’s a great adaptation of the classic novel Les Liaison’s Dangereuse.  And it’s all Male.  You have an 85% chance of getting in”  Guess what, When you make plans, GOD LAUGHS!!! that was a big  STRIKE THREE!!!!!

But in the same week!

1.  My TV writing partner and I signed and delivered our new representation contracts.

2. I began the third outline on the epic film, I’m actually getting paid to write.

3. My TV writing partner and I are ready to deliver our Big Bang Theory Episode.

4. I delivered two television pilots to one major studio

and 5.  I had to stop posting The Bitter Woods because, It was requested by the same above studio.

The fact is that as a player in this business. I’ve stepped up a lot.  For myself, for other artists, for other writers, for other team members.  I just, I enjoy stepping up to bat. I love what I do. But that doesn’t mean that I will be successful at each at bat.

What each failure gives you, is a chance to figure out what is missing, what in your approach is not working, and what you have to learn to do better.  And if not better, it gives you strength, it makes you want to be stronger at what you do. Failure is an amazing tool. The most important tool you have for success.

On the same week that I get rejected three times.  I also get to start on the biggest project of my writing career.  I also for the first time in my life get to say, that writing is the way I pay for my life.  And that is the best feeling ever!

Dare to Fail. Fail often. That’s the only way to find success!


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