Monday Muse-ings – Lanie Zipoy

It’s really Tuesday Morning.  But, a late blog is better than no blog at all.

Monday Muse-ings has become the entry in my blog where I talk about the people, places and things that inspire me.

Today I want to talk about one of my dearest, bestests friends.  Zipoy is MozZipoy! Lanie Zipoy.

Lanie and I have a ton of stories to tell.  We mat at Manhattan Theatre Source in late 2007 and then proceeded to spend the first 48 days of 2008 attached at the hip.  At The source, the first 48 days of that year, were hectic, crazy, there was always something that needed fixing, and I was running around fixing them, while building the set for Thoroughly Stupid Things.

We survived the great source flood of 2008, a story so outrageous, I can’t even blog it. You have to hear each delicious word out of my mouth, as I recount it.

As time went by, Lanie and I got to be better and better friends. During one especially down time, she mentioned how beautiful my eye lashes were and she snapped me right out of a bad mood.  Of course, now I look at my eye lashes on a daily basis and yes, Thanks to her after 30 years of life, i did notice the stunningness of my eye lashes.   Now I only cry when I have to moisten them.

She loves Tennis, she loves Memphis, she loves a good play, and will defend her point of view like no lady I know. She is passionate, articulate, and trust worthy.

I named a character in an EstroGenius play and one of my TV pilots after her.

She’s a problem solver.

She’s introduced me to The Good Stuff Diner.

She’s a good friend to have in case of an emergency or when you just want to have a nice chat.

She’s not afraid to say “I know you like that monologue you wrote, but there could be some trimming to be done.”

And is as creative as any artist I know. Her creativity however goes to benefit the artists she loves.

I think anyone who has a chance to work with her should.

You will never meet someone more amazing to work for.

She is one of my constant muses.

And to have such a constant in your life, is an absolute gift.


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