Who is your buddy?! Goal Partnering


They are absolutely necessary!  Not just to bond with emotionally, but to create the life you envision.

on April 5th, 2010 one of my best friends and I got together for coffee on 17th Street in Union Square New York.

Turns out we both had similar goals, but were pursuing them separately.  Not only that, we found we weren’t maximizing our potential and we were also not having as much fun as we could have.

I also had AMZ Creative and that was taking a lot of my time. I found myself spending less time writing and more time looking at productions.  And so, I needed to find balance.

So we created a set of goals broken down into ten years, then five years, then each year individually, over the course of that week we created a master book of goals, for each year, each month, each week and finally we found a way to  break down each day so that we were each responsible for five goals per day that would move us both forward.

We broke down everything we could achieve, number of scripts, number of pages, number of productions.

We broke the year into sections.  A writing winter, a play production spring, film and tv production in the fall and early winter.

Without this goal buddy, I think my 2010 would have been much different. Definitely, not as accomplished.

This week, April 5th, 2010 is the one year anniversary of the creation of MozzleStead.

The funny thing is.  MozzleStead started out as a joke.  But the minute you name something you give it power.

and now we find that we’re a brand.


We’ve completed five television pilots!  One of which we delivered to a major studio today.

I’ve completed a full length play, and got hired to write a film. Both of which he help me edit.

We have produced countless pages of material.

and we turn in a TV episode for a major hit. (and no it’s not 2 and a 1/2 men.) On May 2nd.

Friendship is important.

To have love in that friendship is a gift.

To have common goals and achieve them together.  I have never felt a feeling of such fulfillment. Cause now when you celebrate a victory, you celebrate it together, and when you hit a setback you have someone to figure the next step with.

Who is your buddy?  If you don’t have one, I suggest you find one.

Cause, when it comes to this business, having someone by your side that you can count on can really make all the difference.

Now I have my AMZ Creative partners – Lanie Zipoy and Anthony Ames.

and my MozzleStead writing partner Armistead Johnson.

What a difference a year makes. Especially when you have friends like these!


One Response to “Who is your buddy?! Goal Partnering”

  1. Sounds great! Go (the two of) you! 😀

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