Ok.  So, I have been exploring this theory of Singularity.  I saw a documentary called Transcendent Man about Ray Kurzweil’s hypothesis of where we are going as a human team with regard to technology.  After seeing it, it is more evident than ever that if we do not evolve our internal world in this generation, we will be facing a very big struggle. How far can we go and still be human?  This past decade has spawned all sorts of questions.  From the Matrix to the most recent Limitless, no industry is immune to the questions that are deepening our understanding of what it means to be human.  Are we ready?  If it were 1911, and I were to tell you we would have a man on the moon in 58 years you might think I was crazy.  No crazier than suggesting in 2011 we will be immortal by 2069.  Ray Kurzweil delves into similar issues in his doc., and this video.  Enjoy!


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