Enjoy the Process

I recently had the pleasure of helping my business partner Lanie Zipoy with some technical needs at The Gallery Players in Brooklyn, where she produced the wonderful production of Jitney that is currently running there for a couple of weeks.

I hadn’t done that type of work in quite some time.  I upholstered a couch, a chair, distressed a prop, shellacked a desk.

While I hate most of the tech that goes into putting a show together in New York, you’re always under the pressure of  finishing fast.  This experience was different.

This experience was with Lanie, and Lanie and I haven’t worked like that in some time.  It reminded me of the fantastic time we have when we work together and the reason we work together in the first place.  We enjoy each other in the process.  We talk about things, we joke about them, and we solve problems.

I have to say those relationships are far and few in between.  Most of the time, people who work together, and work together well are discussing with each other and are fair to each other.  But the rare creative bond of putting a show together, of knowing what the other person is thinking is truly rare.

I am reminded of why I wanted AMZ Creative, why I love this company, it’s because of the joy I have working with my partners and how that joy is something I want to sustain in my work.

I love the process of putting things together.  And I love the process of discovering how a story will be told.

Enjoy the process as much as the final product.  After all, it’s the journey and not the destination that most matters.

And can I say, what a wonderful energy exists at Gallery Players.  It’s that sort of exhilarating energy that makes you fall in love with theatre.

Their production of Jitney runs until April 3rd.  I hope you guys check it out.



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