Listen to Your Mother

The 83rd Academy Awards provided few surprises, but it did offer a life lesson.  “Listen to your mother,” opined Tom Hooper during his Best Director acceptance speech for The King’s Speech. He related that his mother went to the first play reading of her life in 2007, and immediately afterward, she called her son to let him know she’d found his next film.

The rest is history, so to speak.  Tom Hooper lined up stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter for the moving story about King George VI overcoming his stutter, and the film claimed four total Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor.

The truth is you never know where you will find your next project OR who will find your next project. AMZ Creative, LLC will announce two upcoming projects soon.  One was brought to us by an actor who was involved in new plays created in a Kentucky prison. She had no idea how profoundly she would be affected by the prisoner’s work when she spent last summer in Kentucky, and Mozz, Anthony and I were unaware of this program until a couple months ago.  But we are very excited about this upcoming project, and will make an official announcement in the next two weeks.

As a side note, I always listen to my mother.  If you know Lucy, you understand why.  She’s absolutely brilliant.


One Response to “Listen to Your Mother”

  1. I always listen to your mother too! and yes, she is ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENTLY BRILLIANT!

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