2011 Starts @ AMZ Creative

One of the things I promised myself for 2011 is that I would take more care with my Blogs.  I will make them about something that is not only about the Television Division, but the human experience, and something that makes my readers grow.

So, it’s a new year.  I am back on Facebook because  I will be marketing a few plays in the next few months.  However, I learned a valuable lesson from having quit Facebook for over five months.  A lesson that we are all going to practice together.

We are all in 2011 going to take track our time. Why? Because in the five months I was gone from Facebook, I was able to build two websites, finish a brand new play for the 2011 New York International Fringe Festival (hopefully), package a sitcom, go into pre-production for a short, direct a reading, schedule three plays for production in 2011, and have dates.

Yes, I had dates, I went out with friends, I went out for coffee, I met new people, I joined writing groups, I flirted, I was flirted with.

All things that were possible because I kept control on the amount of time I spent on Facebook and activities that I was not particularly interested in. Am I scared that now that I am back, I will fall of the wagon. NO WAY.

Because of a cool productive little tool called StayFocusd.  StayFocusd, is for the Chrome Google bar, and it allows you to give yourself only a certain amount of time in time-wasting websites like Facebook and Twitter.  I set my daily allowance on these sites to 10 minutes.  Once your ten minutes are up you are locked out of the website till the very next day.  It’s amazing!

For this week. The first of a glorious new year.  I want you guys to keep a time journal.  Really figure out where your time goes.  It’s like a food journal for your Time.  You have to become aware of where your time is being used and how.

In April of 2010, my best friend and I began to hold each other accountable for our time.  Each month we came up with 5 Achievable Goals.  Those were the ones that got our concentration in the month.  We put them in our Goals book, and then we made sure that each week, we completely certain number of steps towards that goal at the end of the month.

Our step chart looks exactly like the one below. (I know cause I made it in Excel).  This is my personal chart for one week.  As you can see in my life I have two constants.  Working out and Writing.  Working out cause I need to keep healthy and Writing cause it’s my career.  Then we split our goals into achievable steps. I do one personal goal.  And we do our career goals together.  When we meet a goal, we mark it complete on the small right hand column.

This is all we give our time to.  As soon as our days goals are done, we text each other, with a quick Mission Complete.

I tell you having a goal buddy, as well as a time-keeper and a friend to do these things with is essential to success. It’s simple, it’s effective and because it breaks down your goals into small achievable actions it got rid of one major element in my life. FEAR!  There is nothing I am afraid of now. Because every challenge is broken down into small steps and each one can go into the calendar, and once  each one gets done.  Mission accomplished.

Once you achieved those five things,  your day can continue with more goals, or you can go out, flirt and be flirted with.

Notice how I give myself weekends off.  Why? because during the five days before, you would have achieved so much.

Now Stay Focusd 😉 This week, account for your time, and find your own way to use it wisely.


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