Mozzie’s Ten Favorite things of 2010

I have to say, 2010 was full of wonderful, amazing, and totally exhilarating experiences.  It was both a foundation year for AMZ Creative and for other amazing projects and ventures.

Here is a list of my favorite moments of the year in film, theatre, television, internet and books.  They are in alphabetical order.

10. THEATRE:  23 Feet in 12 Minutes –  I saw this one-woman play at the International New York Fringe Festival and it completely blew me away.  I was moved to tears, and completely shaken to the core. Performer Deanna Pacelli and writer Mari Brown have created a moving masterpiece. There was not a second of this play that shouldn’t be missed. It should be taken to every school, seen by anyone who politicizes issues. Because at the end of the day, our biggest talent as a human race is to dehumanize issues.  23 Feet in 12 Minutes, reminded me that behind every tragic event is a human being and  that every human being has an unforgettable story to tell.

9. BOOK –  Batwoman: Elegy –  A powerful, and beautiful graphic novel. This is one of the best stories I’ve ever seen given a super hero. Batwoman in this series is a damaged young woman, Kate Kane, whose family is destroyed and who has to leave West Point when she is outed as “gay”. Political, exciting, and coming in the heels of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” discussion.  It proves that great art can speak to society in any level. And that comic books are very much still a source of valuable social commentary.

8. THEATRE:  Billy Carver and the Children in Mind – It may seem unfair that I would pick my play as one of the 2010 Favorites, but… well… there’s a reason.  Written in four days, when the rights to Alan Ayckburn’s Woman in Mind were denied to the producers.  It was many firsts and lasts.  It was the first time I directed a play in a long time, it was the first play to follow the success of Thoroughly Stupid Things, it was the first time I directed my best friend Armistead Johnson in a play (we make a terrific team) and it was my last production at Manhattan Theatre Source.  The play, was not a financial success but it had an award deserving cast and amazing reviews, in terms of learning experiences it was one of the most amazing times of my life.

7. TV: JustifiedTimothy Olyphant rocks this drama.  In the wake of the success of The Walking Dead, many have forgotten that Justified even exists, but once you watch it once, you will never want to miss a single episode. Gritty and sultry, it has some of the best character studies on television.  It should be on everyone’s must see list.

6. BOOK: The Little Black Book of Connections – The best book about connecting to others I have ever read.  It was a cornerstone of my 2010.  And I recommended it to everyone I met.  If you’re serious about your business, and for most of us in the arts, your business is you. You need to buy it, use it, and follow its guidelines like they were gospel.

5. INTERNET: MailChimp –  Better than Facebook when it comes to marketing a show, it is one of the best, most useful internet tools to ever be created.  It’s easy to use, and what’s ideal is,  it allows you to track your marketing success.  It also lets you know who your target audience is since it gives you a list of those who open your e-mails. I love it, and I don’t ever plan to give it up.

4. TV: Masterpiece Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes – Daring, Incisive, Gorgeously designed. PBS/BBC’s modernization of the Sherlock Holmes story has a sexy appeal and a risk taking edge that is missing from most network television.  Adapted from the original novels, it takes the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and adds a 21st Century twist to every story. The First episode “A Study in Pink,” is entirely adapted from the original “A Study in Scarlett,” except that the mystery centers around a Pink iPhone.  That the writers made it work so flawlessly is only to the credit of the original source, which I immediately ordered in Amazon.  Now I own a complete set of the original novels and I cannot believe I had never read them before.

3. MOVIES:  The Social Network – I quit Facebook (though I’ll be back in 2011, because of marketing needs)  before I saw this  brilliant film.  The movie is more than a Facebook movie, it has one rapid fire screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and incredible performances. But what sold it to me as my favorite movie of the year is Armie Hammer’s superb performance as twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  He played two roles and was so specific in each characters life that you totally believed two different people were playing the roles.  By far the best performance in a movie full of amazing performances.

2. MOVIES: Toy Story 3 –  There’s a moment at the end of the movie, when you realize what you’ve watched the entire time wasn’t a false story of a bunch of plastic toys, but the story that we often use to tell ourselves as children with super sized imaginations.  And then there’s Andy’s computer animated sigh, which felt totally human as you leave behind the things you thought would always be there.  And while the movie is about what happens to toys when we grow up, it also dares to ask; what happens to our imagination when we decide that growing up means that we stop playing altogether.

1. INTERNET: – For those of you who don’t know HTML or think that making a website is something you have to hire someone for, I find Weebly to be an amazing tool.  Easy, elegant, and inexpensive.  All you need to spend money on is your domain name.  And you can get that through, or through, and then design away.  It’s fun, addictive, and the real reason I lost my passion for Facebook.  Add Google Analytics to your site and you can track down who is looking at you, and as a business person, knowing who is looking at you is important.


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